Housing Court Assistance Center

Assisting Fulton County Tenants Facing Eviction


Need Help Filing an Answer to a Dispossessory Summons?

The Housing Court Assistance Center provides free legal advice to Fulton County tenants whose landlords have filed for an eviction (also known as a dispossessory) in an attempt to remove a tenant from a dwelling.  Volunteer attorneys and law students under the supervision of an attorney meet with tenants to explain their options under Georgia law and provide limited advice on completing an Answer to the dispossessory summons.

How We Help

If you have been served with an eviction and would like assistance, please come to the Housing Court Assistance Center when it is open (Tuesday and Wednesday from 9:00-12:00).  Please bring all documents related to your case, including the dispossessory summons you were served with, your lease if you have one, any notices or letters from your landlord, and anything else you would like a lawyer to review.  Please note that you only have seven (7) days after you are served to file your Answer with the Court.  If you miss that deadline, your rights will be harmed.

Where to Find Us

We are located in the Fulton County Courthouse in room TG100. The easiest way to find us is to enter the Justice Center Tower by using the Central Avenue entrance.  Then, turn right as soon as you go through security and walk halfway up the ramp. TG 100 will be to your right, and we will be in the back of the room.

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Who We Are

Tenants will be greeted by volunteer attorneys, law students, and a supervising attorney.

The Housing Court Assistance Center is made possible through the generous support of Eversheds Sutherland and RentPath Gives Back, a charitable foundation established by RentPath to end homelessness. 

The Center is also supported by the Fulton County Magistrate Court and administered through a consortium of three organizations. Those Organizations are: